We have listened to you! We have now changed to cylinder material and packaging
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We have listened to you! We have now changed to cylinder material and packaging

Our Vapac team continuously drive our commitment to designing, developing and delivering innovative, efficient and effective product solutions for our customers and listening to your feedback.

From 8th June 2020 our disposable and cleanable cylinders will be manufactured using a new material.

Our new cylinders improve further on our proven products delivering increased strength ensuring that they arrive with our customer in the same condition that they left our Nortek Global HVAC UK and our Key Distributors.

Please find below the conversion table from old to new when ordering Vapac cylinders:

We have also designed new packaging using a higher specification for the cardboard together with internal collars (top and bottom) securing the cylinder while in transit. These enhancements demonstrate our commitment to improve quality across the Vapac range.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us and we will continue to listen, evaluate and identify further improvements.

Keep an eye on our website and Linked-In page over the coming weeks for all the latest Vapac news and updates.

We manufacture. We engineer. But most of all, we listen.